It's no surprise to anyone about the church being closed for "normal"business. But please don't mistake a locked down building for a closed down church.

We are still meeting - virtually.

We still read the Bible - collectively.

We still pray - regularly.

Each Sunday morning, a new message/sermon is sent out to all of our contacts via email or Whatsapp and placed on this website - see Sunday Services.

Wednesday nights we meet up on Zoom and hold a wifi/router permitting Housegroup. As well as having a chat and seeing the lockdown state of each others homes (!), we will be, from the beginning of May, looking at sections of the Sermon on the Mount and of course, prayer.

Daily, as many in the church who want to, follow the Every Day with Jesus daily Bible notes. We may be separated, but we can read and learn together.

As well as our usual prayers for the state of the world at the moment, we also make use of the attenders prayer list so that we can continue to support each other. Some pray for all everyday, some prefer to pray for groups at a time. There is no "rule" but as we are all in a wonderful God given relationship with one another, we can remember our sisters and brothers in any way we choose.