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Zac's Place

Zac's Place began in the Autumn of 1998 as 'Zac's Place - Church in a Pub?', in Swansea. It is impossible to describe what Zac's Place 'is' in a few words. It's a church, it's a community, it's a beacon of hope, it's a chaotic mix of Christian discipleship, sitting alongside the marginalised. Mother Teresa of used to say, referencing the poor, "Jesus turns up in the most distressing disguises." That is a sentiment Zac's Place would wholeheartedly endorse.

Sean Stillman runs Zac's place. Many people from Sketty Community Church have helped with the work at Zac's Place.

Parklands Church
Dunvant Christian Fellowship

Several of our members have close ties with this church in Dunvant.  We share speakers and have done joint youth activities, for example.

Parklands Church

The church that started Woodlands Church in 1998.  Over the years Woodlands has run various joint activities with Parklands.  Woodlands Church merged with Sketty Baptist Church in 2017 to form Sketty Community Church.

Swansea Hope

Swansea Hope unites churches in the city together. Swansea Hope is a movement rooted in the belief that the church has a significant role to play in the city and we are committed to the long-term future of Swansea. Swansea Hope actively encourages prayer for every person in the city and particularly offer support to those who are city leaders. Swansea Hope organises throughout the year:

  • Prayer celebrations

  • Prayer breakfasts

  • Community based prayer groups - lighthouses of prayer

  • Church Leaders’ lunches

  • Community action projects

  • Street Pastors

  • Swansea Night Shelter (Sketty Community Church hosts the night shelter one night per week during the winter)

Swansea Hope
Swansea Churches Directory

Swansea Churches Directory

Swansea has many great churches, each with their own distinctive ways of putting faith into action and using different ways of worshipping the same God. If you're new to Swansea then this list will help you quickly identify a few churches to visit to help you find the best place for you to commit to.