From January 2 through to the Spring, we will be looking at the letter to the Colossians.

Why Colossians? This early church was facing issues to do with the hangover of formerly held religious traditions affecting the growth of their faith, and issues to do with "new age" thinking at the time. The letter was written to encourage them in testing times and remind them of the brilliance, supremacy and awesomeness of Jesus.

Our Sunday morning service commences at 10.30am. As you would expect of a church service we have singing (slightly more contemporary than traditional and still behind a mask), prayers and Bible teaching.In non Covid days, all attenders also had the opportunity to participate by bringing prayers, readings or God thoughts that they have had throughout the week.We hold a communion service on the last Sunday of each month.The service may end with us all being invited into the church hall for coffee and biscuits.

Our online services...
With our church re-opening its doors, it became a bit of a technical  and time challenge to keep producing services for online viewing.

Our last online service was put up on August 29. However, the situation will be monitored and reviewed, and should it appear that there is still a need for the services to be "broadcast", we will look for ways to do this, but in the meantime...

... if you want to hear some messages/sermons we listened to during lockdown and the songs we have virtually sung, please feel free to follow the links below.

If you have any questions about future online services, anything you hear spoken, read, prayed or sung, feel free to contact us.

Most recent (and last!)...
August 29:

Good Friday service April 2
Easter Sunday service April 4