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Welcome to the
Sketty Community Church
It may not be the flashiest web site you'll ever visit, but it does give a good idea of what is going on at the church throughout the week.
Read on and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.
As our name hints at, we wish to be a church that represents the people of the local community. When the church was initially founded, it was "for the physical and spiritual needs of the young families in Tycoch".
We still wish and pray for that. So, if you are reading this website and living in the Tycoch area (or pretty close to it), come along. If you wish to attend a local church, invite friends to a local church, let folk you know what a local church is doing close to you, then read on...but more importantly come along.
Our primary desire is to see people grow in their Christian faith as they follow Jesus. We will all have our own "pet" theories of doctrine and church practice, but none are more important than following/serving/obeying Christ Jesus.
Come along and let us encourage you. Come along and be an encouragement to us.
Come know you want to!

Our Sunday morning series on the book of James has come to an this space for information about "10".

THE CORONATION WEEKEND PARTY was a fantastic success, with approximately 280 people in attendance and £400 raised for Sketty Foodbank and Zacs.
some pics below as proof of a great time being had by all!

Mal Pope
 The Rockerleles R+R band
 Ukrainian Dance group
Deb and Richie.
Attenders and marshalls!


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