Advent brings out the creative muse in many writers.

We hope the following enthuse, encourage and stimulate your thinking.


R S Thomas

The Coming

Dai Woolridge

4 Stories

Dai Woolridge

The Christmas Chord

Glen Scrivener

Santa v Jesus

From our very own Richard L

(bard of Brynhyfryd)...

Stop and Feel Christmas

Do you feel the snowflakes softly falling down?

Do you hear the parade, and jugglers and clowns?

Do you smell the mulled wine and warm mince pies?

Do they still bring tears to your eyes?


Christmas cheer – we can still take part

Our children and grand-children close to our heart

Christmas wishes old and new

God bless you all, from me to you.

A New Year, New Hope

We sit and hope and pray

For a hug and a kiss from friends

We know we will come through

We will all see in the end

The harsh year we have had

Will be a thing of the past

Hold on to hopes dream

We will be together at last

Stay together in Spirit

Let us dream of things to come

The world will be made anew

His Kingdom will come.