Lent 21

It is clear that in the weeks leading up to Easter, we will not be meeting together to consider Lent. However we will be sharing the same resource.






If you want to know any more about our collective and individual journeys, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Heavenly Father, everything I have comes from you. All my

achievements, relationships and possessions are the fruit

of your goodness to me.

As I journey through the wilderness with you make me

more aware of my dependence.

Help me to learn trust, grow humility, and give me a

thankful and generous heart. In the name of Jesus I pray.




Lord Jesus, you are the Bread of Life. I choose to turn to you today,

to leave my worries and my desires for what is not you.

Feed my soul and spirit, that I may be satisfied.


Jesus, teach me to occasionally live with less, to fast those things which distract me or in which I am tempted to put my trust.

I know that you have the best for me and are leading me in the way of everlasting, abundant life.


Practical steps: During this Lent period consider:

  • Fasting from a particular treat (takeaway coffees, buying new clothes, cinema trips etc.) and giving the money you save to a good cause.

  • Clearing out cupboards of things you rarely use, and giving them away to other people or charity shops.

  • Pausing for a month before making any large purchases, to consider whether you really need it.

  • Prayerfully reviewing your regular giving to your church and other charities.

  • Secretly supporting a friend or family member with an anonymous gift. Pray and ask God to help you as you take your steps.