Bless SA2 9 Bless the world


Last year we were challenged to bless those that we met – regardless of whether they had annoyed or upset us, or whether we just came across folk in our everyday lives and enjoyed being with them.

Why not reinvent the challenge to focus on prayers for protection against Covid? As we pray for the different groups that make up the community, why not ask God to bless our locality: the calling down of God’s gracious power and love. Pray...

  • that His love would be accepted by the people of this community;

  • that Sketty Community Church would become known as a place of acceptance, understanding, grace and love;

  • that His power and might would support us in these difficult times;

  • that he would enable the scientists to find the vaccination quickly and safely for Covid;

  • that there would be an effort by all governments, at home and throughout the world, to ensure that all sections of society would be fairly cared for;

  • that Jesus would be recognised as the Saviour of us all.


How to take up the challenge …

Each day or prayer time, use these prayers/blessings as prompts and include your own Covid emphasis.


For families:

Heavenly Father, we ask for your presence in families in our neighbourhood. We pray for strength and understanding between the marriages in our neighbourhood. We ask for loving, strong bonds between the children, teenagers, adults, and grandparents. We pray that each branch of the family would demonstrate love to one another.

For neighbours:

God Almighty, we ask for healthy, thriving relationships between neighbours. We pray different cultures will be able to understand and care for one another in our neighborhood. We pray that the diversity of people will be celebrated by all neighbours, just as you affirm and love each one of us.


For the Sketty Primary and Olchfa schools and Gower College:

Father, we pray for the patience and professionalism of the teachers and lecturers who devote their days to educating our children and young people. Please be present in the classrooms. We ask for guidance, patience and support of the parents. We pray that our school and college will be safe, positive communities where children and young people will learn and flourish.


For All Souls and Bethel:

Lord God, we pray for guidance for local church leaders as they nurture the congregations and seek to serve those around them. We pray congregations would welcome neighbours with open arms. Our hope is that attenders will find a place to experience community within the body of Christ as they grow in their faith.


For peace in the community:

God, our Prince of Peace, we ask for your presence in the streets and homes of our community. We pray for local law enforcement, for their safety and wisdom and compassion in all circumstances. We pray your comfort for those who have experienced crimes.


For the residents:

God, we ask for a flourishing community, where neighbours learn to love each other and come to know Jesus. We pray that we can be good stewards of Your love to each one of our neighbours. We ask that You help us to learn from our community, and it may be a place where all are welcomed, valued and respected.

For fellow Christians worshipping in other churches across the city:

Father, for all of our brothers and sisters who live along this road, may they shine like stars as they show your love and grace to all that they meet. Let them show hospitality. Let them be known to be people who are honest, trustworthy and care. May they support us in whatever way they can as together we seek to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.


For those that work in our shops:

Lord, bless those who serve us in the shops and cafes. May they be valued by their employers. May there be harmony among the workers so that they enjoy coming to work. May we show them respect and value by the way we speak to them.


For those living alone:

Merciful God, you love each and every one of us, but there are those in this street/community who do not feel loved or cared for. May neighbours start to look out for those who appear lonely and offer friendship and hospitality. May those who seek companionship have the determination to do so, and meet people who will bring a richness, fulfillment and value to their lives.


For the World!

Creator, Ruler, Sustainer of this world we know – in your mysterious yet tangible way, be close to each and every one of us. Protect us in troubled times. May rulers and leaders seek you for guidance and wisdom. May those who rule, only ever seek to do what is best for each and every one of us, especially the neediest. May those with the scientific skills to unlock the Covid quandary, use them for good not gain